Adding a simple product to WordPress- Configuring WooCommerce

Adding a simple product is similar to writing a post in WordPress. Hover over the Products menu, then select Add Product. You then have a familiar interface and should immediately feel at home. Especially where you see to type the product title and description.

WooCommerce Add Product - Familiar Interface
A familiar interface for adding product information

Under the editor is the Product Type panel. Define the product type (as outlined above) and whether it is a downloadable (digital) or virtual (service) product. Just note virtual products don’t require shipping — an order containing virtual products won’t calculate any shipping costs.


Deleting a product


To delete a product:

1. Go to: WooCommerce > Products.

2. Find the product you wish to delete.

3. Hover in the area under the Product name and click Trash.

Configuring WooCommerce Settings


Checkout Settings

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