How to create Thank You Card using Photoshop Template

see all thank you card templates at this link
Select the Move Tool (v) you get a couple of options at the top: Auto Select:”Layer” and “Group”. Please choose “Layer”.Ticking Auto-Select lets you select any layer by directly clicking on them.

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How to change menu size from A4 to A5

Some of my customers bought my menu templates from and don’t know how to change the size from A4 to A5. Here is how to resize A4 to A5

1. Please edit the text in the A4 menu template, then go to page setup, set bleed 0mm (top, right, button, left), then save the menu A4 to pdf file.
2. Now you will resize the A4 pdf to the A5  pdf file , please choose some of below tools to resize your pdf file.
  • Upload your PDF file.
  • Choose the page size from the dropdown list of common page size standards.
  • Click on “Save Changes”.

Edit Ms Word pricing list template

Before adding images to word template, please make sure all your image heights are smaller or equal to the height of the template box. Please resize your images before adding them to your template. You can use free tools to resize multiple images. (,,,,… )

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9 Tips to Have Good Family Life

Why Is your Family Dear to You
Good family life is part of your well-being. Your family members are the most important persons in your life. They are there for you anytime. When things look up for you, your closest relatives will be glad to see that you are happy and successful. When you are tired after a long day of work, just call your family on the phone or visit them, and they will cheer you up. It gives you strength and energy. When you are lonely, they will be there for you. When you are sad, they will comfort you, even help you. They are the only persons whom you can trust anytime. Friends, acquaintances, even colleagues may turn against you, or they may move to another city, probably another country, and you will hardly ever see them. Pals and co-workers might be competitive, or they might envy you if your life is good. Your family, on the other hand, will be there, selfless and full of love. You will always be close to them. It is a great thing to have honest, good friends, but your family is even more important.

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How to save photoshop catalog pages as a PDF for print

1. Close eye symbols of other groups , just show one group page that you would like to save.
– Save each group (page) to jpg hires (File>Save as>jpg >Choose quality:12,maximum). Then you can send all hires jpgs to printing company
– Save each group (page) as pdf. Please duplicate the document . Go to Image > Duplicate. Now you have a new duplicate document. Delete all other pages, just keep one page you want to save. Go to (File > Save as > pdf > Hires for printing ). Do the same way for other pages.

You can send all pages to print or you can use pdf professional to merge all pdf pages into one page.