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How to Create CV/ Resume in MS Word

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Note:  How to make a full bleed PDF from Word

Select File > Page Setup
In the Paper Size dropdown menu, chose Manage Custom Sizes
Click on the “+” sign and type a descriptive name, like “Edge to edge”
Under Non-Printable Area, choose User Defined
Enter zero for all margin values

page setup

MS WORD Questions and Answers …

How to export MS Word catalog to pdf :

1- Click the Microsoft Office button, move to Save As, and click PDF Or XPS.
2- Click the Options button to set Bookmarks, designate whether you want to save a part of the document or the entire document, and/or exclude document elements from the file. Click OK.
3- Click the appropriate button for Standard or Minimize optimization.
4- Click Publish.

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How to add color swatches to product line sheet, catalog using MS Word

This Tutorial will show you how to add color swatches to my Line Sheet Templates

Please resize your images before adding them to your line sheet. You can use free tools to resize multiple images. (,,,,… )

How to create new page: Duplicate the MS Word and add new images in the new file. You can save each page as a pdf file and use tool to merge pdf pages together.