How to add images to Photo Collage Templates

If you don’t have Photoshop software on your computer, you can download the trial version at this link: To make sure you can use the template – Download the Photoshop test file before you buy the template at this link: DOWNLOAD THE TEST FILE Select the Move Tool (v) you get a couple of options […]

Edit Ms Word pricing list template

Before adding images to word template, please make sure all your image heights are smaller or equal to the height of the template box. Please resize your images before adding them to your template. You can use free tools to resize multiple images. (,,,,… )

How to edit Photoshop Price List, Menu List template

Select the Move Tool (v) you get a couple of options at the top: Auto Select:”Layer” and “Group”. Please choose “Layer”.Ticking Auto-Select lets you select any layer by directly clicking on them.

How to save photoshop catalog pages as a PDF for print

1. Close eye symbols of other groups , just show one group page that you would like to save. – Save each group (page) to jpg hires (File>Save as>jpg >Choose quality:12,maximum). Then you can send all hires jpgs to printing company – Save each group (page) as pdf. Please duplicate the document . Go to […]